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“I was raped by my father for fifteen years. I never realized that all the stuff that messes up my life is a result of that. I’m always afraid; terrified is the better word. I keep getting these memories of what happened. They come out of nowhere. I could be sitting in a park on a beautiful day when all of a sudden, the images of what he did are right there. Then I feel as if I am six years old again, not 24. It’s as if the whole ordeal is happening again. The counsellor called it a flashback.”
Is there help for such a person and if so, how is she guided to healing and freedom in Christ and to a point where she experiences full joy of life again? The answer is emph-atically yes and, in this book, this process is described step by step. For pastoral counsellors, pastors and social workers (and also victims) this is an indispensable resource (courier cost: R120).

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