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Pastoral guidance for the sexually addicted

In this article special attention is given to a relative new field of research with regard to sexual addiction. Sexuality is very much
part of our core being. However, when this pattern becomes one of compulsion, it has the ability to totally unravel the person involved. The effects of this process within a marriage can be devastating. Attention is given to aspects like the mood altering affect of sexual addiction, denial, rationalisation and fantasy.
Focus is also placed on the cycle of addiction, the different rituals as well as the so called “tolerance factor”. Important guidelines with regard to general counselling of addicts are discussed and more specific detailes are given in terms of the pastoral counselling process. Unresolved past hurt and pain would seem to be of special importance and special attention is given to this aspect during the counselling process. In this way a functional pastoral foundation can be laid, thus enabling and equipping the addict to respond in a positive way with regards to further therapeutic inputs from other disciplines.

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