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Illuminating perspectives for the pastorate from trauma research on traumatized children.

This article focuses on the profound long-term implications of unresolved trauma during childhood. These implications can be physical, emotional or spiritual in nature. The important role of recurring traumatic memories is discussed as well as a number of further typical behavioural patterns as well as acting out behaviours. Exposure to the unresolved trauma using various exposure techniques during the counselling process is also discussed. Important aspects regarding a number of therapeutic strategies are then discussed, while also reflecting on possible pastoral implications. In this regard, for example, the focus is on the use of a journal, predictable routines and rituals, child-centred play, the child’s identity in Christ, the importance of listening to the child, setting a timeline and the therapeutic value of drawing tasks.
From the results of research in the field of trauma, it eventually appears that there are a variety of useful components and perspectives that can be effectively incorporated by pastoral counsellors and pastoral play therapists into the pastoral counselling and guidance of traumatized children.

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