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Pastoral implications of the mind/body connection

Against the background of the body/mind connection the focus is firstly on the Biblical view of man as an unfragmented unity. Secondly the emphasis is on the historical roots of the so called biopsychosocial model that is replacing the traditional…

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Pastoral guidance for the self-mutilator.

In this article it seemed that the increase in the occurrence of self-mutilation among young people in many cases served as a pressure-relief valve and not a suicide attempt as such. It was very often the outcome of ill-treatment and/…

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Many teenagers struggle with the consequences of emotional injuries. Simultaneously they are moving through the difficult phase of adolescence which may complicate their situation. In this article the first focus is the typical factors which compound the difficulties in this…

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Pastoral care of grieving children

Literature often refers to children as the so called forgotten grievers. In the past, during deaths in a family, pastoral counselling was sometimes more focused on the adults than on children. However, losses that are not processed during childhood will…

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