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Many teenagers struggle with the consequences of emotional injuries. Simultaneously they are moving through the difficult phase of adolescence which may complicate their situation. In this article the first focus is the typical factors which compound the difficulties in this…

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Pastoral care of grieving children

Literature often refers to children as the so called forgotten grievers. In the past, during deaths in a family, pastoral counselling was sometimes more focused on the adults than on children. However, losses that are not processed during childhood will…

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Pastoral counselling for spiritually wounded people

On the one hand, religion could fulfil an edifying and enriching role; on the other, it could be destructive and devastating if it uses unethical, manipulating and controlling techniques and coercive measures to promote the goals of a leader or…

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Pastoral guidance for the sexually addicted

In this article special attention is given to a relative new field of research with regard to sexual addiction. Sexuality is very much part of our core being. However, when this pattern becomes one of compulsion, it has the ability…

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Religion: a means to addiction or to healing?

There are two sides to religion, on the one hand the threat that implies emotional pain and addiction, on the other hand the healing and liberating effect of a balanced and healthy religion. In this article the focus is on…

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