6. Important guidelines for the counseling process (Index)






CHAPTER 1:  BASIC PRINCIPLES OF TREATMENT                                                                  

Schiraldi & Matsakis                                                                                                        

·         Transcend your fears of treatment in order to facilitate treatment                                    

·         Understand the treatment options and the reasons behind them.                                    

·         You must be willing to give up harmful retraumatizing behaviors                                     

·         Stay in control as you gradually learn to trust the healing process                                  

·         Be willing to confront traumatic memories                                                                    

·         You must be willing to give up secondary gains                                                                     

·         When not to try memory work                                                                                     

·         Survivor groups                                                                                                          

·         Self-managed treatment approaches                                                                            


CHAPTER 2:  TRANSITIONING AND PERSONAL GROWTH                                             

G R Schiraldi, Frankl & Du Toit

·         Things to ponder                                                                                                        

·         Some positive effects of trauma                                                                                   

  • New possibilities                                                                                                  
  • Personal strength                                                                                                 
  • Spiritual change                                                                                                   
  • Appreciation of life                                                                                                
  • Relating to others                                                                                                 

·         Construing benefit in trauma                                                                                        

·         Trauma provides an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth                                    


CHAPTER 3:  COGNITIVE RESTRUCTURING                                                                            

G R Schiraldi

·         Automatic thoughts and distortions                                                                              

·         The distortions                                                                                                           

o        Flaw fixation                                                                                                        

o        Dismissing the positive                                                                                         

o        Assuming                                                                                                            

o        Catastrophizing                                                                                                    

o        All-or-none thinking                                                                                              

o        Shoulds (musts/oughts)                                                                                        

o        Making feelings facts                                                                                            

o        Overgeneralizing                                                                                                  

o        Regrets                                                                                                               


CHAPTER 4:  HAPPINESS, PLEASURE, HUMOR AND RELIGION                                     

Schiraldi & Schoombee

·         Happiness                                                                                                                          

o        Factors that correlate with happiness                                                                     

·         Pleasant activities scheduling                                                                                     

·         Humor                                                                                                                       

  • Several cautions with regard to humor                                                                    
  • Principles that might help to incorporate more humor into our lives                           

·         Spiritual and religious growth                                                                                       

o        Why is religious commitment beneficial?                                                                


CHAPTER 5:  BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM                                                                          

G R Schiraldi

·         Building self-esteem                                                                                                   

·         What is self-esteem?                                                                                                 

·         How does self-esteem develop?                                                                                   

·         How do I build self-esteem?                                                                                        

  • Unconditional worth                                                                                              
  • Unconditional love                                                                                                
  • Growing                                                                                                              

David Seamands                                                                                                              

·      The three essential compo­nents of a healthy self-image                            

  • A sense of belongingness                                                                                     
  • A sense of worth and value                                                                                   
  • A sense of being competent                                                                                          

·         Sources of self-image                                                                                                 

  • The outer world                                                                                                    
  • The world within us                                                                          
  • Satan                                                                                                                  
  • God                                                                                                                    

·         Correct your faulty theology                                                                 

·         Take your self-estimate from God                                                                                

·         Cooperate with the Holy Spirit                                                                                     


CHAPTER 6:  FORGIVENESS – 1                                                                                    

Stoop & Masteller

·         The six steps of forgiveness                                                                                                 

  • Recognize the injury                                                                                             
  • Identify the emotions involved                                                                                
  • Express your hurt and anger                                                                                 
  • Set boundaries to protect yourself                                                                         
  • Cancel the debt                                                                                                   
  • Consider the possibility of reconciliation                                                                 

·         Forgiveness when the other person is no longer living                                                    

·         Self-forgiveness                                                                                                          


CHAPTER 7:  FORGIVENESS – 2                                                                                    

G R Schiraldi

·         What forgiveness is                                                                                                    

·         What forgiveness is not                                                                                              

·         When forgiving is needed                                                                                            

·         Ideas that block forgiveness                                                                                        

·         Whom to forgive                                                                                                         

·         How to forgive                                                                                                            

·         Forgiveness imagery                                                                                                  

·         Forgive in writing                                                                                                        

Louis McBurney                                                                                                               

·         Forgiveness as a volitional act instead of a feeling                                                         

  • Applying forgiveness                                                                                             

§         Spiritually                                                                                                      

§         Emotionally                                                                                                   

§         Physically                                                                                                     


CHAPTER 8:  FORGIVENESS – 3                                                                                             

J S Bonell

·         Woman with abnormal fear                                                                                          

·         Debilitating influence of guilt                                                                                        

·         The power of confession and forgiveness                                                                      

·         Fruits of unforgivingness                                                                                             

·         When do we usually know that real forgiveness has moved in?                                       

·         Examples                                                                                                                  


CHAPTER 9:  WHAT IS THE MEANING OF ALL THIS?                                                     

Schiraldi & Langberg

·         Rediscovering the meaning and purpose within                                                                      

·         Further cultivating meaning and purpose                                                                       

o        Giving something meaningful to the world                                                               

o        Experiencing and enjoying life’s pleasures/beauties                                                

o        Developing personal strengths and attitudes                                                           

·         There is no specific formula                                                                                         

·         Making sense of trauma and coming to terms with suffering                                           

o        We sometimes suffer as a result of our own imperfections                                       

o        We sometimes suffer as a result of the imperfections of others                                

o        Sometimes we suffer as a result of inevitable circumstances                                    

o        Sometimes we suffer so that growth becomes possible                                           

·         Change the “God, why did it happen?” into “God, who are You?”                                     

  • The promise of riches stored in secret places                                                         


CHAPTER 10:  EQUIPMENT FOR TOMORROW’S PAIN                                                             

 Schiraldi & Hicks

·         Relapse prevention                                                                                                     

  • Understand the dynamics of “failure”                                                                      
  • Identify and anticipate high-risk situations                                                              
  • Develop a sound coping plan                                                                                 
  • Rehearse the plan                                                                                                
  • Try out the plan in real life                                                                                     
  • Evaluate and make improvements if needed